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Ok, good afternoon to anyone reading this...

Well, this community is going to be mostly for stories and poetry, I imagine other things will be allowed as well, but mostly, just those things. I really don';t know at the moment so I guess I'll hafta post again after a decision has been reached. Anyway, I figured I'd start off with a poem because I don't have any stories handy right now.

ok nm, none of my poems are accesible right now... so I'll just sit here till I think of something...


Love, what is it?
What does it mean?
Something so valueable
Often times isn't seen
Sometimes two people
They fall in love
Each thinking the other
Is sent from above
Then one will go
And break the other's heart
After that their lives
Start to fall apart
Love, please tell me
What's it all about?
Why does it tend
To make people scream & shout?
They laugh cry scream and sigh
I'm not sure why they do
All I know is I get that way
Whenever I'm with you

Wow, ok I can't believe I wasable to remember that... that one's kinda old, and kinda, idk... but it should do for now. Happy writing! :D
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