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kisses in the dark

Saturday, March 12, 2005

5:51PM - New Website w/ Fan Fiction

Well, after trying 3 different sources, none of with would let me indent paragraphs, I made my own webpage, which is something I've been meaning to do anyway. It's in its very early stages right now, and only has..eh, you'll see. But the important stuff, the two links, are there, so whatever. I'll finish it later. And I'll make it into the best damn webpage EVER!! Heehee!

Anyway, the link is right here: http://geocities.com/gathrawn@sbcglobal.net/

Feel free to register for the message boards (it's free), and introduce yourself. the first part of my story is in the other link. I welcome feedback, and I set up a thread on the message board where you can post it.


Wednesday, March 2, 2005

12:32PM - The Lighthouse's Tale

A song/poem I like. It's by a band called Nickel Creek.

The Lighthouse's Tale

I am a lighthouse,
Worn by the weather and the waves.
I keep my lamp lit,
To warn the sailors on their way.
I'll tell a story,
Paint you a picture from my past.
I was so happy,
For joy in this lifestyle long lasts.

I had a keeper.
He helped me warn the ships at sea.
We had grown closer,
Till his joy meant everything to me.
And he was to marry
A girl who shone with beauty and light.
They loved each other,
and with me he watched the sunsets into nights.

She'd had to leave us.
My keeper, he prayed for her safe return.
But when the night came,
The weather to a raging storm had turned.
He watched her ship fight,
But in vain against the well and terrible waves.
In me so helpless,
As dashed against the rocks, she met her end.

Then on the next day,
My keeper found her washed up on the shore.
He kissed her cold face,
That they'd be together soon, he swore.
I saw him crying,
Watched as he buried her in the sand.
Then he climbed my tower,
And off the edge of me he ran.

And the waves, crashing around me,
The sand slips out to the sea,
And the winds that blow remind me
Of what has been,
and what can ever be.

I am a lighthouse,
Worn by the weather and the waves.
And though I'm empty,
I still warn the sailors on their way.

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Saturday, February 26, 2005

10:51AM - MY HAPPY POEM!!!

Ok so here is my happy poem, enjoy it haha.

Open your ears & hear the birds
Listen to them call
Magical songs fill the air
Bursting wall to wall

Open your eyes & see the sky
Orange, yellow & pink
Lift up your head see the clouds
Try to watch them wink

Open your nose & smell the flowers
Airy and fragrant with Fall
Roses Daisies & Dandelions
Remember to smell one and all

Open your mouth & sing of beauty
Posessed by nature herself
Sing of the mountains, oceans & plains
And sing of a magical elf

Open your mind & take this all in
Don't foget even a word
For the beauty of Nature goes on
Through you it shall be heard

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Sunday, February 6, 2005


Hiya, i kinda helped start this community, but this is the first time i've posted. it doesn't look like theres a lot going on, but wth, i might as well throw in what i got. this is a poem i wrote kinda recently. its not based on anything, and didn't occur magically. i had to struggle to get it written out. a method i try to avoid when i can. i don't know why i have this recurring romantic theme either. its weird, since i have hardly written anything romantic in my life, and i'm not romantically involved with anyone at all right now. *shrug* anyway here it is. eventaully maybe i'll actually post a short story, but the only one i have right now is complete crap. so it stays safe on my computer.

My head was not against your chest,
But I could hear your heart
It beat like running
Beat like faith
Without a stop or start

I was never close to smell you
But I could taste your years
Your smell of growing
Smell of smoke
Of soap and silent fears

I never felt your body, strong
But I knew I could trust
Your muscles tremble
Though I’m small
I’ll save you if I must

I’ve looked up at your face so calm
But did not know your name
You’re every man
I never knew
And still you are the same

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Thursday, January 13, 2005


Hey there. I'm Lee. But you already knew that. I mean, how couldn't you? That's like not knowing that reuniting the Index with the Core would wipe out all sentient life in the Galaxy, thereby starving the Flood. Anyway, I'm being a geek again...*slaps himself*

Well, since this seems to be a community for writers and poets and whatnot, I'll post a little something of my own. It's not really dark, but oh well:

Oh lovely young lady
How happy you've made me
Just by the sound
Of your voice all around
It's like thunder's rolling roar
Like fire crackling from it's blazing core
Like a choir of birds singing
Like church bells ringing
Music so sweet it hurts
I can't wait for my next concert

There it is, folks: my masterpiece. Thank you, thank you very much. Feel free to throw money and flowers...*dead silence*....Fine. *mutters something about ungrateful expletives*

12:01PM - alrighty...

Ok, good afternoon to anyone reading this...

Well, this community is going to be mostly for stories and poetry, I imagine other things will be allowed as well, but mostly, just those things. I really don';t know at the moment so I guess I'll hafta post again after a decision has been reached. Anyway, I figured I'd start off with a poem because I don't have any stories handy right now.

ok nm, none of my poems are accesible right now... so I'll just sit here till I think of something...


Love, what is it?
What does it mean?
Something so valueable
Often times isn't seen
Sometimes two people
They fall in love
Each thinking the other
Is sent from above
Then one will go
And break the other's heart
After that their lives
Start to fall apart
Love, please tell me
What's it all about?
Why does it tend
To make people scream & shout?
They laugh cry scream and sigh
I'm not sure why they do
All I know is I get that way
Whenever I'm with you

Wow, ok I can't believe I wasable to remember that... that one's kinda old, and kinda, idk... but it should do for now. Happy writing! :D

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1:38AM - starting out

Alrighty, this is the start of my very first attempt at this, so I'll probably be making adjustments throughout the next few weeks. I'll post something nice in the morning, my mom's going to kill me if I don't go to bed in like, 2 and a half hours ago. So, enjoy the site. Once there's actually something in it...

Thanks Molly for your help setting this up :)

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